Come and Enjoy The Scenery Mirror of the World Sikatuna Bohol Philippines

Mirror of the world sikatuna bohol (43)

Bohol’s new tourist destination is on the rise at Sikatuna, Mirrors of the World! Come and enjoy the scenery, Behold Bohol.

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Located at Brgy. Libjo Sikatuna Bohol, the Mirror of the World Sikatuna Bohol, Philippines still ongoing to complete 5 more phases I guess to complete the World’s greatest wonders and famous landmarks.

The KOI Pond
San Fransisco Bridge
Petronas Tower of Kuala Lumpur
Eiffel Tower
Burj Khalifa of Dubai
Restaurant and Caffe
Castle on Top of the highest hill
Opera Hall in Sidney.
6 Cabins for Rental built with Norwegian style finish with Grass on the roof.
Infinity Pool

What are you waiting for? Plan your Next trip to Bohol and Visit Mirror of the World Located at Barangay Libjo, Sikatuna, Bohol, Philippines.

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